Introducing – The Accidental Architect


So here I am, 33 years into a career that hardly seemed planned.  It was truly a freak accident that I became an Architect.  When I first went to University I had absolutely no clue what an Architect did. I started my education taking a year of Engineering.  It took me about a month to realize I would probably be a crappy Engineer so I spent the better part of first year in the pub.  I was a creative type and Engineering was stifling.  It just so happened that my room mate in residence was in first year Architecture.  I looked at what I was doing and what he was doing and realized I wanted to be doing that.   I always drew and sketched, and I looked at Architecture as a happy medium between being an artist and keeping my Dad happy. It was the start of a 33 year love-hate relationship with my career.

This is a cautionary tale of the obscure life of the Accidental Architect.  It is a memoir of sorts about the life of creative type struggling between two careers – Architecture which fed the family and Art which fed the soul.  It’s a story about a guy who did everything against the grain, about desire to live life on one’s own terms, fighting social norms, ignoring the masses, striving to live life creatively.  It’s a memoir about failure, success, freedom and the absurdity of life. This is not a memoir about buildings or paintings – The Accidental Architect is about being the Architect of your life!

A word of warning: Be careful what you wish for in life – you might just get it!  And I can guarantee that it will be much different than anticipated!

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